2 Lights But 1 True Light

Two Lights one True Light 1) KEY VERSES: JOHN 1:3-5, 9; JOHN 8:3-5, 7, 10-12, 2 CORINTHIANS 11:12-15 The two lights have the same initial effects on people who encounter them.   Both Jesus and Lucifer claim to be light.  In John 1:9, we see the words “true light” this indicates there are other lights that shine that are not true lights.  Most people who experience this light in a religious experience such as in prayer, out of body and near death experiences all feel this love. We can feel over whelming peace, acceptance, forgiveness, joy, we no longer experience pain etc… Regardless of what they believe, they all experience the same light. However, one light, the false light, also makes them feel that they are ok and that they do not have to change anything in their life. This is deception.  2) KEY VERSES: Matthew 24:3-5, I Corinthians 6:9, Luke 21:8   In the afore mentioned verses of scripture Jesus is warning that in the arena of religious experiences, religious teachings, teachings in the name of Christ and teachings in the name of God will be the greatest places of deception for people who have a deep desire to know and follow the true God, Jesus.  Jesus is telling us to take heed. Take heed means to pay attention to, be cautious about, beware of and have regard for, In other words just because it is a religious experience does not means a Jesus experience.   How to tell if the light is a Jesus light?  When people who are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost see a light and that light is Jesus the Holy Ghost, then the Holy Ghost who is inside of them will bear record of Himself. In other words those that know Jesus here on earth will know Him on the other side in the spirit world.  Light from Jesus will always have some symbol or indicator of Jesus in it such as Jesus on the cross, scripture of God, etc... And by the way the same way Satan transforms himself into light he also can speak things to a person that is truth thereby making them feel they are in good shape without changing the sin or dark areas that’s in their life(3 ) KEY VERSES: (1 Timothy 4:2), Revelation 13:5  I conclude with Acts 9:3-5: Light from Jesus will always identify Himself as Jesus whereas in other religious belief systems the light never identifies itself nor its origin. “Food for thought”.